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Facts About Me Meme

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 13, 2013, 6:34 AM

Feel free to copy it and fill it out yourself!
Just felt like doing it  :aww:

General info

-Name/username: Irina/Tarisha
-Birthday: 14th of January
-Nationality: Russian
-Current residence: North-West of Russia
-Person I got this meme from: copied from Isriana

Favourite things

-Favourite sea creature: dolphin
-Favourite type of vehicle: bicycle
-Favourite time of day: evening
-Favourite article of clothing: pretty dress
-Favourite period of history: Antiquity
-Favourite word: smile


-A country I'd like to visit: Japan
-A talent I don't have but would like to have: sewing
-A subject I wish I could take in school: acting
-A fictional thing I wish was real: teleport
-Something I want to do before I die: raise three kids
-Something I wish had happened in a movie or book: there's always a room for a change, but I'm alright with what I read or see

If I were...

-If I were an animal, I would be a: cat
-If I were given the opportunity to go into space, I would: try to find other sentient beings
-If I were to develop a superpower, my superpower would be: flying this is my greatest wish
-If I were able to use a time machine, I would: change certain things in my past
-If I were an actor, my favourite role would be: a cheerful chatty character, like my OCs Kayreeh and Shelly ^^ preferably in fantasy world
-If I were able to meet my idol, living or dead, it would be: O.o and then squeeee! and then lots of questions


-A song that makes me happy: Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat - Lucky
-A song that makes me sad: Christina Aguilera - Hurt
-A song I can't stop listening to: Raemon - Supergirl
-A song I can't stand: quite a number of songs mostly pop and rap
-A song I like to sing: there are so many, almost all songs by Disney and many others
-A song I wish I'd written: Lara Fabian - Review my kisses

Least favourite things

-Least favourite food: beans
-Least favourite chore to do: dusting
-Least interesting outing: night club
-Least favourite hairstyle: pig tails
-Least favourite subject at school: Maths
-Least favourite season: Winter

Love it/Hate it

-Internet drama: hate it
-Reality TV: hate it
-Going to social gatherings/parties: not hate, just not a fan.
-Canned laughter/laughter tracks on comedy shows: annoying
-Coffee: love it
-Gift wrapping things: love it

And finally

-Do you like to daydream?: yes!
-Where would you like to be in a year's time?: :blush: home, cradling my firstborn
-Are you afraid of the dark?: not really
-Do you like looking at the sky, night or day?: yes, any time
-Did you enjoy the last movie you watched?: The Lorax, it's was quite amusing
- If you met a version of you from another dimension, let's say a fantastical, crazy dimension, what do you think your other self would be like?: someone in a large city, holding a bakery or a tavern, meeting many people each day

  • Listening to: Dragon Age OST
  • Reading: Terry Pratchett's 'Men At Arms'
  • Watching: Lois and Clark
  • Playing: Baldur's Gate EE
  • Eating: Banana
  • Drinking: Mineral water
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January 13, 2013


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